Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy


MDT is a precise initial assessment tool utilized by PRO-PT MDT Clinicians to treat back, neck & extremity problems. An evidence-based approach, the key distinction of MDT is its initial assessment component – a safe and reliable means to accurately reach a diagnosis and only then, implement an appropriate treatment plan. Trained MDT Clinicians have valid indicators to know right away whether – and uniquely how – the method will work for each patient.


Through a series of repeated movements and positions, trained MDT Clinicians assess two things as a result of these movements – symptomatic and mechanical response. Patterns of response can be determined for what makes symptoms better or worse. Patients are classified accordingly and an effective program of treatment is implemented based on a “directional preference.” Typically this is achieved in only 3-5 visits.

If you have suffered for longer than 14 days, MDT still can help; however, it may just take longer for resolution or improvement.


Putting you in control of your back or neck pain can save you $2,700. Studies shown, that for low back or neck pain, if you receive Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) within the first 14 days following injury, your symptoms will most likely resolve within the first 3 to 5 treatments. Without clinical signs of a serious injury, the MDT assessment is as reliable as expensive diagnostic imaging tests to determine the origin of pain and subsequent treatment plan. Without clinical signs of serious injury, diagnostic imaging and lab tests are not required before 6 weeks and will not improve outcomes, but does increase patient cost.

PRO-PT clinics are the only physical therapy facilities with highly trained MDT clinicians. Each physical therapist has been through the rigorous MDT training process and follows the MDT critical guidelines to offer the most up to date, effective treatment option in spine care.

Although we can perform the traditional physical therapy that you may have had in the past, MDT by far is becoming the preferred method of treatment and is:

  • More precise at focusing on your initial pain.
  • Faster resolution of symptoms.
  • Demonstrates longer lasting results.

Control your own back pain and don’t let your back pain control you.

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