Experience the Difference

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My balance has improved vastly – I don’t fall anymore and I feel good and confident!

– Dwight


In one visit my dizziness is gone. It’s still hard to believe, but it worked. What else could you ask for?

– Bob

Download Patient Forms

Save time sitting in the waiting room by downloading and filling out your forms ahead of time. Each insurance requires different types of documentation so follow the link below to obtain the proper paperwork for your primary insurance.


PRO~PT will verify and bill insurance as well as obtain any needed authorizations before treatment begins. When you arrive for your initial evaluation we will thoroughly explain your insurance benefits (i.e., advise you of your deductible, co-pay or co-insurance for services rendered).

PRO~PT accepts most major private insurance companies, Medicare and Medicare Supplements, Workman’s Compensation and first party auto insurance claims.

Please feel free to contact our office to answer any questions.

95% – Happy, Satisfied Patients

“Happy, Satisfied Patients & Referral Sources” is our company’s valuable final product. We would not be the largest physical therapy practice in Tulare County if we didn’t make it our daily pursuit to meet all of your needs. At PRO~PT, we pride ourselves in a completely patient centered health care approach.

We understand very well that you have a right to choose your physical therapy provider and our goal is that you being at PRO~PT is not because you HAVE to be here, but because you chose the best and WANT to be here.

If you are looking for a new physical therapy provider for you and your family, or you are new to physical therapy, come let us help you meet your goals and experience the difference with us at PRO~PT.

Why Do I Hurt?

Do you want to know how physical therapy can help you? Do you have a questions as to why you may be hurting? Just check out our medical library. Don’t forget to bring your questions with you to ask your physical therapist when you are evaluated.