Run Farther. Run Faster. All With Less Effort.

Running is simple, right? All you need is a pair of shoes & the open road…If that were true, why do thousands of runners suffer from needless injuries every year?

Running is an athletic endeavor and like all athletic endeavors, it requires proper training to achieve maximum efficiency and to avoid injury.

We use the same high speed cameras and technology as the U.S. Olympic running teams use to follow sprinters down the track.

When was the last time you invested the time to ensure your body was properly tuned for a lifetime of running?

Who can benefit from PRO~Running?

  • If you suffer from nagging injuries that prevent you from running
  • If you have been told that you shouldn’t run because it is too hard on your body
  • If you ever wished of running farther, faster, or with less effort

What your 2 hour analysis includes (Cost $175):

  • High speed full body video analysis of your running mechanics.
  • Musculoskeletal assessment by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy to determine your areas of strength and weakness.
  • Corrective exercises prescribed by a healthcare professional to address your areas of weakness
  • Running drills to improve efficiency, form, and speed
  • The truth about stretching
  • Advice about running footwear including barefoot running
  • Natural running and what it means to you

Your Running Specialists

Dr. Rocky Cisneros, DPT, MTC and Dr. Ronnie Eynaud, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT, NATA Certified Athletic Trainer, both licensed physical therapists, have combined their passion for running and rehabilitation to provide runners with a program that will help meet your individual performance goals. Whether it is overcoming or avoiding injury, improving a personal record, or simply becoming a better runner. Let the experts at PRO-Running help you unlock your potential.

Contact our Visalia Office today for an appointment and unlock your potential as a runner.