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We take pride in the dedication of our licensed physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who provide unparalleled, personalized and innovative care to our patients by helping them achieve optimal function.

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  • Kimberly Carstens, JD, MPT
  • Jorge Dimas, MPT
  • Ronnie Eynaud, DPT, OCS, Cert. MDT
  • Steve Heffelfinger, PT
  • Courtney Howarth, DPT
  • Jennifer Hutsell, PTA
  • Kimberly Marks, PTA
  • Joy Martin, MSPT, OCS
  • Whitney Martinez, DPT
  • Abel Ojeda Jr., DPT, SCS
  • Steffani Rich MPT, OCS, CPI
  • Richard Rose, III, DPT, OCS
  • Todd Martin, DPT
  • William Sherrill, DPT
  • Candace Sanchez, PTA
  • Dianne Kavern, PTA
  • Martha Torres, DPT
  • Benjamin Larsen, DPT
  • Elisa Zapata, DPT, OCS
  • Brandee Duerksen, PTA
  • Carlos Lara, PTA
  • Joey Ramos, PTA
  • Kevin Ousey, DPT
  • Paul Beeghly, DPT
  • Michelle Reader, MSPT
  • Rocky Cisneros, DPT
  • Heather Sheely, PTA
  • Julie Simonian, DPT
  • Richard Dole, PTA
  • Daniel Valdez, DPT
  • Caleb Pratt, DPT
  • Cynthia Navarro, PTA
  • Marvin Sanchez, PTA
  • Michael Parbst, DPT
  • Kimberly Silva, PTA
  • Peter Belluscio, PTA
  • Melanie Velasquez, PTA
  • Taylor Locke, DPT

  • Hilary King, ATC
  • LeHong Hong, ATC
  • Hanna Fredrickson, ATC
  • Lauren Farrell, MA, ATC
  • Samantha Bolecky, ATC
  • Nikki Bentley, ATC
  • Lacey Harris, MA, ATC